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One-on-one photography sessions are absolutely the most effective way to improve a specific aspect of your photography quickly. Every photographer has different needs and specific aspects to focus on. Likewise, each photographer has a different learning style that works best for them. As a consummate instructor I’m able to identify your style so each session maximizes your efforts and you learn quickly.

You can become a much better photographer in a few hours

Over the years I’ve discovered the most effective mentoring sessions are about two hours in length. This helps eliminate overload and the apprehension that accompanies it. Most sessions include theory and practice with subjects and situations that both interest you and are relevant.

Prior to the session we communicate to determine:

1. Your goals and what you would like to work on.

2. Your background or experience so I understand where you are coming from.

3. What type of photograpy or subjects are you most interested.

4. What is your workflow. This means what you do with your images after they leave your camera? Do you use any editing software etc.

5. What equipment do you currently shoot with including camera, lenses and important accessories.

From there, I prepare a custom lesson plan for the session that will for sure be fun and challenging. You’ll be given follow up feedback and assignments to anchor your new found knowledge.

Feel free to contact me at or simply fill out the registration request form and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Multiple session discounts available. Sessions can also be extended or shortened depending on the topic and location. Contact SRQPS for details or more information.

Perry Johnson, Instructor

SRQ Photo School is owned and facilitated by Perry Johnson, a commercial photographer and graphic designer for over 25 years who has taught countless photography workshops and courses over the years to individuals, groups and business.

Perry owns a marketing communications firm named Imagica. This boutique agency offering a fully integrated menu of marketing services for business large and small including photography, website design, graphic design, advertising, strategy, social media, public relations and more. It’s this current and diverse experience from the “outside in” that gives a unique perspective on photography to students of all levels.

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Customized photography sessions make the perfect gift for any photography enthusiast.

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SRQ Photo School

SRQ Photo School

SRQ Photo School offers private photography instruction and workshops to individuals and business ta

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