Instagram Photography Workshop

It’s Hip to Be Square –
How Instagram Can and Will
Change Your Photography

This is one of my favorite workshops for sure. Nothing has done more for my own personal and professional photography than Instagram. It has entirely changed many of my conceptions about images and how they are viewed by others. I also teach an Instagram course for Business not covered on this website (yet).

Instagram users have shared over 30 billion photos to date, and now share an average of 70 million photos per day!

By 2019 the Instagram audience will reach 111.6 million Americans, representing 55.8 percent of social networkers, more than one-third of the population and over four in 10 internet users.

Instagram is creative expression in the form of an app. Everybody discovers. Everybody learns.

We will discuss ways in which you can use Instagram to better your own photography and how to gauge your progress. This will take us on an exploratory journey of what makes a compelling image to other people, not just yourself but to others and to connect your work to you personally.

This is not a one-way lecture, rather a collaborative workshop and includes photo exercises and lots of examples.

Prerequisite: This class is intended for those new to Instagram, infrequent users with self-admitted little understanding of the medium or those just curious and looking to expand their photography horizons. Signing up for Instagram is not mandatory.

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