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SRQ Photo School offers private instruction to individuals and business on a wide variety of topics. All skill levels and equipment are welcome.

Choose your topic or tell us a little more about your experience and goals and we can put together a custom workshop that will fast-track your photography.

Popular Topics

Here is a short list of  some of the most popular photography topics that can be covered in a private photography workshop for photographers of any skill level. Whether you want to learn how to use a new camera, brush up on some skills or learn something completely new. Tell us what interests you, the equipment you have, your current level of experience and we’ll put together a course just for you!

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Essential Concepts

There are just a few technical things you need to understand about photography that will really make sense of all those dials, buttons and settings. The rest is simple!

Understanding My Camera

We’ll fast track your understanding of your camera and how it operates so you can forget the 478 pages included in the manual and focus on just the things you need to know.

Best Camera Settings

Based on the equipment you have, your level of experience and what you most like to shoot you will learn the exact camera settings to take advantage of your equipment and give you better results.

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Path to Success

We will discuss a very simple path to success that will guarantee continued improvement with nothing but fun along the way!

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What Is a Good Image?

Sometimes we need a little perspective with our work and understand that truly good images come in many many forms based on your objective.

head shots

Don't Shoot Like Everybody Else

Portraits and head shots including corporate and family. Any location. For more click here

JPEG or Raw

Once you are comfortable with your camera’s settings, and you are ready to take your photo edits more seriously it’s time to explore the difference between JPEG and RAW files.

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Editing Your Photos

Learn how to use an image editing program efficiently and explore the possibilities.

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All modern cameras, including your phone take good images for you under proper conditions, composition is the ART of photography and what sets you apart.

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Take Better Portraits

Portraits are one of the more difficult disciplines in photography because it is so personal to both the photographer and subject. We dive deeper from a pro’s perspective.

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Shoot Like a Pro

A professional photographer has a “bag of tricks” that almost guarantees success before ever taking a picture. Want to learn some?

Working With Light

Photography comes from the Greek word Photos and literally means “painting with light”, it is the cornerstone of both the art & craft of any image.

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Why Private Photography Instruction?

Most photographers have different needs because they come from different backgrounds with perhaps different needs. The chance you will find what you are looking for regarding your specific development in a group setting would be hit and miss at most.

SRQ Photo School offers individuals and business a chance to fast-track their learning by only focusing on a path that will help them achieve their individual goals.

This includes guidance with equipment, technique and workflow along feedback throughout. My goal is for students to have predictable results before they even actuate the shutter.

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food photography
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sarasota photography

About the Instructor

Perry Johnson
Photographer, Graphic Designer, Marketing Strategist

Perry Johnson honed his photography and design skills at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Toulouse, France. He has worked as a commercial photographer and graphic designer for over over 30 years as both a freelancer and within the structure of major marketing agencies. 

As a Platinum Member of Nikon Professional Services, Perry was a recipient of one of Nikon’s very first digital cameras (Nikon D #000311) but had to convince clients including Food & Wine Magazine, Target, American Express Financial Services and others to accept images captured in a digital format. A task that took many companies years to accept.

Perry strongly feels his experience using both his own images and those of others as a marketing tool gives him a unique perspective on the power of photography. Over the course of his career he has developed unique opinions on what makes a compelling image and how those elements have and will change over the course of time.

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Private Photo Workshop Pricing

Kind Words

“The one-on-one instruction was especially helpful by showing me the crucial settings and how they impact your image both technically and creatively. 

I knew little about great photography and the session gave a me a good sense of where to focus both initially and in the longer term.  It inspired me to branch out and explore photographic possibilities.” 

Thanks again!

Robin Bennett

Thank you so so much! After our session our photos came out 100 times better.. We practiced in a variety of conditions and adjusted as you suggested.

The session was very helpful for me especially being able to choose better locations. Going over the fundamentals first, taking it down to the basics was the most helpful for me since I never fully grasped those key important concepts before going into photographing professionally.

We will follow up with any questions, thank you again!!

Jennifer Tee

Digital Marketing Manager, Christ Craft Boats

Wow, just wow! Thanks Perry! I really didn’t know what to expect as my wife gifted me this session. I probably wouldn’t have purchased it for myself as I thought I was already proficient.

Your perspective was really thought provocative and your presentation skills are great. This comes from a professional educator for over 30 years.

I would recommend you to anyone looking to improve their photography no matter what their current skill level is.

Jim Farr

History Professor, Retired, Purdue University

Thank you Perry, your presentation series was well received by both my team and our sales associates in Florida. You took something very complicated and made it easy to understand.

Like you said, our results get better and better each time we shoot. Your suggestion to offer simple feedback to the guys in the field submitting images was totally spot on as well.

Your standard work sheets are very helpful and we will probably ask you to incorporate compositional material as well. Lightroom is working well so all-in-all this program was a great success.

Thanks for making us all look good!

Raegan Davenport

Comercial Coordinator, Enza Zaden USA Inc.

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