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Upcoming Photography Workshops in Sarasota

Group and Private Workshops will resume in November, 2024 as your instructor is currently enjoying his first summer away from Florida in 20 years.

In the meantime, if you have questions or are interested in more information please contact Perry Johnson at (941) 350-9064 or perry@srqphotoschool or visit the link below.

Sensor Size Matters

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when buying a new camera is whether to buy one with a crop or full frame sensor. Which one you choose is really up to you as there are advantages and disadvantages to each. First I want to say that many...

Looking to Purchase My First Real Camera

I’m looking to purchase my first "real" camera and take a lesson to get me started.  Looking for guidance on camera as well ahead of lesson.  I have researched a few here: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV Black Camera Body, Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera Body Only,Canon EOS Rebel...

5 Important Things All Cameras Do – Forget the Rest For Now

Let’s face it, all modern cameras take a pretty good picture. You can even include your phone on this list. Have you ever felt frustrated at at all the dials, buttons, settings, menus, sub menus and the 411 page manual explaining it all? Well read on. You only need to...

What is a Good Image

If you don’t like to read, the short answer, at least for me, is any image that produces an emotional response to your audience or supports your overall objective in a positive way.  There are all kinds of “good images” including lifestyle, documentary, portraits,...

Recipe of a Compelling Image

30 years of commercial photography experience has taught me that most great images weather fine art or powerful product photos share similar characteristics if they resonate with the viewer. I’ve broken these down into a simple formula I like to call the “recipe of a...

Up Your Landscape Photography

Every serious photographer undoubtedly has some interest in landscape photography, here are some considerations to up your landscape game. To help illustrate some important trending topics and considerations for not only Landscape Photography, but most generes I'd...

2022 Selby Gardens Photo Exhibition Winners

Well it should be appropriate that the sequel to my previous post should be the winners from the 2022 “Virtual” Selby Gardens Juried Photographic Exhibition. Kudos to The Observer Group for facilitating the on-line exhibition of about 250 entires. I was happy to see...

Selby Gardens 42nd Annual Juried Photography Exhibition

Submissions for the 2022 Selby Gardens Juried Photography Exhibition are now open. The event remains VIRTUAL so you have plenty of time and don't have to print or mount. This year's event is again hosted in partnership with Observer Media Group.   Entry...

Travel Photography Tips

Let’s face it, in the world today there are probably very few popular travel destinations that haven’t been documented to death. That makes for quite a challenge to capture compelling travel photos that will keep a viewer engaged.  The world is full of boring images...

Best Compact Camera for Travel

It’s summer travel season and I’ve been getting some calls and emails from students asking me all kinds of Travel Photography Questions. One of the most popular questions or discussions rather is: What is the best compact travel cameraif I don’t want to haul my entire...

Just do it

Want to become a better photographer?Put your camera away. Sometimes the best way to become a photographer is to simply put your camera down and just experience those things that you love so much to shoot. As photographers, we often get too caught up in capturing the...

Shot on iPhone

The original iPhone was first released by the late great Steve Jobs on June 29th, 2007. Although it only had a 2 Megapixel camera on the back that captured an image of 320x480px, if forever changed photography.  Here’s how the smartphone changed photography:  1....

Sarasota Photography School

SRQ Photo School offers private photography instruction to individuals and business tailored specifically to your needs to bring you up to speed quickly and efficiently. You focus specifically on what you want to improve. We work with all levels of photographers. The sessions focus on your specific interests so they are more fun and relevant. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll improve. Let your creativity soar by approaching photography in a new and different way.

Of course, we cover most any photography subject including equipment, technique, shooting like a pro, editing workflow, software, lighting, creativity, advanced composition, selling your work, starting a photography business, studio setup and more. Don’t let your next photo opportunity slip away, improve your skills today.


Classes and Workshops

SRQ Photo School offers periodic half-day small group workshops covering a variety of interests. Subjects include street photography, beachscapes, understanding your equipment, light and shadow, and visual poetry to name just a few.

Why We're Different

We’re different because unlike most photography classes that focus primarily on technical aspects of capturing images, we focus on the process of how great images are made and what makes a particular image good. You’ll approach your photography in new and different ways guaranteed. These techniques apply to any level of experience and come from a professional photographers prospective.

Who Is The Instructor?

Instruction is facilitated by Perry Johnson, a commercial photographer, graphic designer and advertising agency owner with nearly 30 years experience. He believes photographers of any level can set themselves up like the best pros to make more compelling images without having to focus on years of technical skills.

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