Photography Bootcamp

Photography Bootcamp

If you are new to photography, intimidated by the user manual and countless settings, stuck in Auto mode, still shooting JPEGs or simply want a comprehensive refresher this workshop is for you.

All cameras basically preform the same 7 tasks no matter if it is a $100 dollar camera or a $100k camera. The rest is just fluff. This workshop will help you understand your camera’s most important functions so you can decide how you want to use it and forget about the rest. A little knowledge goes a long way, start shooting today!

Even if you only want to shoot in auto mode, you’ll have a better understanding of what your camera is doing and why so you will have more predictable results with your photography.

We’ll explore your camera settings including it’s ability to measure light (metering mode) and adjust its three primary settings including Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed based on your scene preference.

And to modify your scene further, your camera also gives you options as to how it measures light and compensate for different conditions and how you would like it to focus on your subject. Finally you can select how you would like the camera to react when you actuate the shutter by capturing a single image, multiple images etc.