"The Golden Hour"

Shooting Sunsets “The Golden Hour”

Sunsets are always magical and have always intrigued me as no two are never the same. The conditions change rapidly and I can’t tell you how many unbelievable opportunities I’ve missed because I though it would only be “average”. The combination of light, sky, earth and sun offers a truly amazing opportunity not to mention that sunsets are second only to kittens in popularity. Learn some great techniques for any conditions as well as ways to keep your sunsets creative and different. Push yourself to new limits while keeping it fresh for you as well. Selby Gardens is now keeping their doors open after their normal closing time of 5pm to allow members to come in and shoot sunsets on November 10 and 17, 2016. This is a rare opportunity not to be missed. This workshop is open to shooters of any experience level as well as “phone” shooters. Come in and explore.