Better Photography Starts with your Phone!

How using your phone can make you a better photographer!

Believe it or not, taking better pictures can absolutely start with your phone! This workshop will review sound principles of taking better images and why your phone can force you to take better images that can stand alone or be enhanced when using a dedicated camera.

Since the best camera you have is the one that is with you, using your phone on a more regular basis will help you create better images on a regular basis. Most of the techniques we will explore will apply to both your phone and camera.

We will also discuss the must have apps for your camera and where to get them. We’ll practice in the gardens with Macro photography, portraits and landscapes using many techniques that you probably have not tried before.

Bring your phone and an open mind to this fun workshop.

smartphone photography workshop sarasota florida

A few pics in and around Selby Gardens during a recent phone photography workshop.

Here are some excerpts from the classroom portion of the workshop that preceded our work stations at Selby Gardens…